Equality Press is a 501(c)3 non-profit publishing company dedicated to creating books about social justice issues intended for younger readers. We believe that education can help to create a more equal and peaceful world. We therefore aim to provide children, parents, and educators with the tools necessary to help foster a more critical and compassionate form of education.

We reject the theory of "American exceptionalism" ̶ the idea that the United States is inherently different and better than other nations ̶ that is currently taught in most American history and civics textbooks. Instead we believe that the United States, like all other nations, has its beauties and its flaws, and that only by acknowledging our society's successes and failures can we hope to create a better future.

Our first major project, the Liberty and Justice series of books, presents episodes from American history that have typically been omitted from mainstream textbooks. It focuses on those people who have struggled against incredible odds to help overcome injustice. Each book in the series is designed to be short enough to be read in a single sitting, allowing educators, parents, and children to easily share the book with each other.