For general information and media requests, please contact us at .

Equality Press is currently accepting submissions from illustrators and authors who are passionate about social justice and the creation of a better world. Materials can be sent to .

Illustrators: Please send us a brief (two page maximum) description of your artistic interests and work experience. Include information about how social justice issues influence your life and work. Please have a portfolio of at least ten digital images ready to share with us upon request.

Authors: To submit a manuscript, please send us an email including a cover letter and the first 15 pages of your project embedded in the body of the message. We will not read emails with unsolicited attachments.

Please understand that we are a small press with limited time and resources. Be patient, and realize that it may take us some time to review your materials. We are limited in the number of titles we can publish, so we may pass on projects that are insightful and well-written.