The Silent Sentinels




Author Jason Nord
Age Range 9-12 years
Length 42 pages
Dimensions 7.5x9.25 inches
Publish Date December, 2015
Publisher Equality Press
Series Liberty and Justice

The Silent Sentinels

The Silent Sentinels tells the story of the National Woman’s Party, a group of suffragists that began an ongoing protest outside of the gates of the White House back in 1917.  Refusing to leave until the President of the United States agreed to support the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, thereby granting women the right to vote, these women endured torrential rains, freezing temperatures, and repeated attacks by mobs of angry men. When the government began arresting the suffragists en masse – forcing them into filthy cells and feeding them rotten food – the women went on hunger strike, refusing to eat until the charges against them were dropped. Their courage and determination in the face of horrendous government repression gained national attention and helped to change the nation forever.


“In highlighting an overlooked chapter in the history of women’s struggle for the vote, Jason Nord has done a great service. Simply written and brilliantly illustrated with period photos, The Silent Sentinels is a compelling tale of courage and commitment that cannot fail to inspire young readers.”

Mary Walton, author of A Woman’s Crusade: Alice Paul and the Battle for the Ballot

“Every girl - and boy - we all should read this book in order that we may learn courageously to join in struggles for justice, equality and peace, in the here and now, inspired by our forebears, and in service of our daughters’ freedom. Nord reminds us that thinking critically about the exercise of authority, resisting that authority when it is unjustly applied, and refusing to be subjugated or silenced are our heritage, our right, and our responsibility.”

Frankie Condon, author of I Hope I Join the Band: Narrative, Affiliation, and Antiracist Rhetoric

“The Silent Sentinels brings to life a little known piece of American women’s history. So few people are aware of the extraordinary risks that a small group of brave women were willing to take to win the vote for women. The pictures and story here illuminate their struggle and give today’s reader a model of political strategy, personal courage, and dedication to create change.”

Lucienne Beard, Executive Director of the Alice Paul Institute